Probable Map Boosting Solar Power Unveiled

Professor Jan Kleissl Power achieved by harnessing the sun has been tremendously helpful to mankind. Several technologies and methods have been put forth for accelerating solar power and here is another piece of information that can supposedly prove beneficial. A latest research led by UC San Diego has laid down the importance of sketching out solar installation depending upon the location of the building relative to the sun.

During the investigation, scientists claim to have improved the solar map for the state of California. This newly crafted map apparently enables homeowners, photovoltaic installers and utilities to better gauge the amount of energy gained by their solar systems. The solar map appears particularly significant to all coastal areas of California like Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Diego. The panels employed in these regions possibly face around 10-degrees west of south.

The map is not only able to optimize energy production, but also seems to enhance the link between solar power production and the load. Panels facing southwest allegedly ‘see’ the sun longer and at a better angle than panels facing south. Therefore, the energy produced is larger during the peak demand hours of 3-to-5p.m., making the energy more valuable. UC San Diego environmental engineering professor Jan Kleissl and colleagues believe that the solar panels in clear conditions during the annual load peaks produce optimum power. The map presumably elevating energy generation is available for free via Google Earth.

The research is published in the journal Renewable Energy.

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