LHC gets an energy boost, brings Higgs boson closer to reality


For those who are not aware, Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the biggest energy particle accelerator in the world that was developed by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). As an important advancement on this front, CERN has reported that the LHC will operate with an energy beam of 4TeV in 2012.

This speed is apparently 0.5TeV higher than that observed in 2010 and 2011. The announcement has been made following a plan to deliver the largest possible amount of data by LHC. The team aims to achieve this before the accelerator is shut down for further energy enhancement.

“When we started operating the LHC for physics in 2010, we chose the lowest safe beam energy consistent with the physics we wanted to do. Two good years of operational experience with beam and many additional measurements made during 2011 give us the confidence to safely move up a notch, and thereby extend the physics reach of the experiments before we go into the LHC’s first long shutdown,” cited CERN’s Director for Accelerators and Technology, Steve Myers.

According to experts, the performance of LHC over the last 2 years has unleashed many clues on the presence of the God particle. However, to transform the hints into a proper discovery, professionals need more information. The LHC is slated to be closed down at the conclusion of 2012 to undergo optimization for running at an energy beam of approximately 7TeV.

Following the shutdown, the LHC is expected to restart at a later stage in 2014. It will begin functioning for physics with the newly attained energy beam by early 2015.

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