NASA launches Space Race Blastoff multiplayer game on Facebook

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Those not adequately abreast of the happenings in the galaxy may just want to stay updated. That’s because NASA has introduced a multiplayer Facebook game dubbed Space Race Blastoff which provides users with a quizzing scenario.

Questions such as ‘Who was the first man to set foot on the moon?’ and ‘Who introduced the first liquid-run rocket?’ may be an active part of the game. Essentially, the title tests users’ awareness with respect to NASA’s working and history. It also tries gamers for their knowledge on the technology, science and pop culture relating to NASA.

Upon questions being answered correctly, players earn virtual badges presenting NASA astronauts, space objects and spacecrafts. They are also entitled to additional badges for finishing sets and laying hands on premium badges.

“Space Race Blastoff opens NASA’s history and research to a wide new audience of people accustomed to using social media. Space experts and novices will learn new things about how exploration continues to impact our world,” commented David Weaver, NASA’s associate administrator for communications.

The agency chose Facebook to gain access to a large sphere of people and for enabling users to compete with each other. Solo games can also be played with this facility. As part of the gameplay, players have to opt for an avatar after which they can try to answer an array of 10 questions. While each correct answer awards the users 10 points, the player who answers first gets bonus points. The person winning the bonus round will be awarded a badge.

A team comprising Scott Hanger, Todd Powell and Jamie Noguchi from NASA’s Internet Services Group in the Office of Communications, is behind the development of Space Race Blastoff.

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